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For as long as I can remember I’ve had scalp psoriasis. Not on top of the scalp, but all along the hairline and around my ears. I can’t remember the exact number of shampoos I have tried, to get rid of it, but there were many and ranged from solid, so called, natural shampoos, to high street brands, to specialist types, but nothing seemed to get rid of it completely. I tried sulfate free, sls free, fragrance free, coal tar and more and had given up hope. A couple of months ago a friend of mine sent me some soap and body butter samples from a company called Future Primitive Soap Co. Now funny enough I once sent a couple of products of said brand to a friend in America as a gift, but had never bought myself any of their products. Smelling the samples however, I was so impressed with the products and the scents, that I thought I’d treat myself to a few full size products. I was especially curious to try out the whipped three in one soap, you could also use as a shampoo and a shaving butter, and a hair rinse. I waited patiently for my order to arrive, which I might add didn’t take long at all, as my products arrived the very next week, and was pleasantly surprised to see I was given some lovely samples to try together with my ordered products. The next day when I went for a shower, I decided to indeed use the whipped soap as a shampoo, before using the hair rinse. The scent of choice for my whipped soap was Clotted Cream Peach and the hair rinse’s scent was Blackcurrent Damson Frangipane and both smelled divine. The whipped soap had a very nice, silky smooth, thick consistency and I needed to add a bit of water to be able to wash my hair with it properly, which means you don’t need to use much product to get a good result. My long hair felt a little bit dry after rinsing with water, but then I always need to use a conditioner after shampooing. The hair rinse was next and was of a thinner consistency than I was expecting. This did however mean it was very easy to distribute through my hair. I left it on for about 3 minutes and then rinsed thoroughly. My hair smelled gorgeous. A beautiful, fruity scent, that lasted at least 24 hours. I let my hair air dry and it felt silky smooth afterwards. I was so happy with the result. That was before I lifted up my hair and looked at the hairline. The skin there looked so much better. No longer angry and red and there were less flakes too. After that I kept using the whipped soap and hair rinse about once every 3 days and my psoriasis was completely gone after about a week. This had happened to me before, with some other shampoos, but every time, the psoriasis would always come back a couple of weeks later. Not this time though. After 2 months it’s still gone and my hair and skin is in better condition than it has ever been. The summer scents have just been put up on the website, so I feel another order coming up 😉 Future Primitive Soap Co.

Image taken from Future Primitive website.

Image taken from Future Primitive website.


Chiari Malformation

Now I’ll tell you something about the other lovely condition I have, namely Chiari Malformation.

Basically this means that the lower part of the brain called the cerebellum, has grown out of the opening in the skull and pushes against the spine.

Children are born with this, but the reason why I have it, is because I had a total blood transfusion right after birth, through the skull and that caused a lot of scar tissue growth, pushing the brain down.

I have had this malformation since birth, but only found out about it about 5 years ago. I’ve always had symptoms like headaches, dizziness, problems with balance, double or blurred vision and difficulty swallowing to name but a few. I wasn’t a GP fan and so I only went to the doctor once and he, after an ECG, diagnosed me with migraines. I was prescribed medication that didn’t seem to do much, but I never went back to ask about that. When I was in my early thirties however, my symptoms became more severe and it started to scare me a bit. My GP sent me to see a neurologist and that was the weirdest time I’ve ever spent in the hospital. He panicked after doing some tests and made quite a scene trying to arrange an MRI scan for me immediately. Luckily I got the results straight away and it wasn’t a tumor, as the neurologist feared, but a Chiari malformation. Not life threatening at all, just a bit of a nuisance. I was sent home, told to think about brain surgery, where they would make more room in the skull, but to tell you the truth, that scares the hell out of me.

I’ll just leave it for now. Until the day when I will be brave enough to make that call.

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It seemed like any other day at first. A little bit of rain, clouds in the sky.

But, when I was having my lunch and went into the garden, the whole world got darker.

Lying in a corner, soaking wet and filthy, was my beautiful Maine coon, Myrddin, so still and so very cold.

My heart broke, tears rolled down my face. My lovely Welsh lad, my little wizard is no longer with us.

I was there when he was born. Assisting with the birth and when he came out, he was a tiny black thing, like a little mole. I knew I wanted him and 14 weeks later we went to pick him up. He had grown into a very handsome grey and silver giant, with lovely fluffy coat and tail. At home, he was immediately adopted by Ringo, my little ginger man who was, in his full grown form, nearly the same size Myrddin was.

My Myrddin has always lived in a world of his own. He was a gentle giant and seemed to be seeing things none of us could. His world was more beautiful than ours and every now and again, he would invite me in. Then he would look into my eyes as if seeing me for the first time and almost seemed to smile. Hey you, I know you, come, lets go for a walk together. We would be together for a while and he enjoyed me stroking him, looking at me lovingly. After that, he would gently close the door on me and walked back into his own world. How I am going to miss those moments. How I am going to miss my Myrddin. Rest in peace my love. I will never forget about you.

Look down on me from your cloud every once in a while and I’ll wave at you, blowing you a kiss.

All my love my darling.

My gentle giant

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Making plans

Today when I got up, I decided to make some new plans.

I said earlier that it’s time I  looked at things I can still do and today I’m making a start.

I love cooking and baking and Indonesian food is one of the things I like best. On Saturday I have been to a store selling lots of Indonesian ingredients. I had such a good time there, picking out spices and everything I need to make delicious dishes. I didn’t even have to spend a lot of money, as I’m planning to make everything from scratch and that is just always so much cheaper.

Today I am making seroendeng. It’s an indonesian condiment or snack, made with desiccated coconut, peanuts, shalots and spices. It’s delicious sprinkled over rice or just as a snack.

Just in case you are curious and would like a recipe, here it is;



5 shalots, 2 garlic cloves, 1 tsp belachan (shrimp paste) 2tbsp palm sugar (or for example unrefined muscovado sugar), 2 tsp ground coriander, 1 tsp grated galangal, 2 tsp salt, 200 g desiccated coconut, 2 curry leaves, juice from 1 lemon, 100 grams unsalted peanuts, 1.5 tbsp vegetable oil.

Make a paste using a pestle and mortar or mini chopper from the shalots, garlic, belachan, sugar, coriander, galangal and salt. When it’s nice a smooth, mix through the coconut and the curry leaves. Heat the oil in a wok on a low heat, add the mixture, stir every now and again. When the coconut is turning slightly golden, add the lemon juice and mix through. Let it dry out on the low hear while stirring. When the mixture is nice and dry and the coconut lightly browned. Take of the heat and mix the peanuts through. Let it cool down and then put it in an air tight jar.


Now, to help me in the kitchen, I need some little helpers and quite a big one 😉

Because I have trouble standing and getting around in the kitchen, I use an office chair with adjustable height and castors. For opening cans I have a  one touch, battery operated, can opener. For chopping, I use my hand blender with mini chopper and for bigger jobs a food processor. To make it easier to hold spoons for example, you can buy specialist cutlery which a very expensive, but I just use a tube of pipe insulation bought from B&Q, cut to size (well let someone else do that) and fit it over all the utensils and cutlery you use.

My seroendeng is nearly ready now, so I’m going to have a taste. Going to make some new plans next 😀

Email, grrrrrrrrrr

Now don’t get me wrong, I love e-mail, well, most of the time, sort of.

It’s just the fact that I don’t like sending them. I have the cool programme, with all the lovely smileys. Got my own special signature I designed myself to put under any e-mail I send with just one click of a button and lots of backgrounds.

Sending e-mails however, takes a lot of energy and most of the time, I just think there are better things I can do with my time. For any normal person, it only takes a couple of minutes and then hey it’s done and they go on doing other things.

Before I am ready to send an e-mail, I have to make sure all my joints are there with me. (I swear, if it wasn’t for skin and muscles, I would constantly be asking people; Sorry mate, but have you seen my left arm? I’m sure I lost it here somewhere. No? Well, if you find it give me a shout okay, as I really miss having it.) Then I have to sit down, make sure all my limbs are properly supported, pull up my special table with my laptop on it. After doing that, I have to take a break, because all those things make me tired and they hurt. Then I’m finally ready to type away. Most of the time however, I’m responding to other people’s email and have to read those first. They will have asked me questions and I will have forgotten as my memory sometimes gets lots too.

Some of the time, I can read the e-mails just fine and start to type my reply, but most of the time, it takes a lot of time, because the letters will be dancing before my eyes. When the typing actually starts, here also starts the erasing  of 20 misspelled words in every sentence, made for example due to loss of strength in my arms and fingers, and correcting them. By now my body will start to ache due to sitting behind the laptop and my energy levels drop below zero. By the time I finish one e-mail, still full of spelling mistakes, but filled with lots of pictures and smiley faces to make up for them, I am thoroughly exhausted and the other 27 people who also want a reply to the e-mail they send me, will just have to wait.

I’m so sorry guys. It’s not that I don’t love you any more, it’s not that I don’t find your e-mails interesting and worthwhile. It’s really that hard for me to send you one back. So to all of you who haven’t heard from me in a while:

Hi, how has life been for you? Are you happy, healthy, feeling okay? Me? yeah, just fine. Good days and bad you know, just like everyone else. Cats are doing great. Sun is shining, what more can a person want 😀

Hope to hear from you soon!

With all my love,



There is a pheasant in the garden. Not that unusual at all, but then there is the fact that said pheasant has found himself surrounded by 3 members of my gang.

There he was, peacefully grazing, minding his own business and suddenly he finds himself in the most precarious situation a pheasant can be in. Surrounded by his mortal enemy.

He silently bids his family goodbye, thanks them for all the love and the beautiful days when they were all together, out  in the fields. Sheds a few tears thinking of all those glorious memories and prepares for the end….

Which doesn’t seem to be coming just now….

He opens one eye, and yes, they are all still there and OMG another one has joined the hunting party. He decides to kneel down, closes his eyes again. Being this scared takes up quite a lot of energy. One minute later he can’t help but open an eye again, see what’s keeping them. Nothing is happening and actually, everyone has seemed to have taken a seat. This is strange!

He opens both eyes and glances around. One of his enemies has actually stretched out in the grass and another one is grooming himself. Something is definitely wrong here. The others are just watching him, but not one of them seems too bothered to do anything. He relaxes a bit and……………nothing happens.

He waits for 5 minutes and still, nothing happens. This is ridiculous!

He gathers all his courage and gets up, walks away a bit, prepared for one of the hunters to attack, but finds himself being able to calmly walk away. Utterly puzzled he decides to start grazing again, a little further in the field. The hunters watch him calmly walk away, yawn and one of them has actually fallen asleep.

He looks back a couple more times, but soon forgets all about the furballs lying on the grass.

Are these supposed to be hunters? Predators?? Goodness me, I’ve raised a couple of complete wusses (And oh how I love them for it 😀 )